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Personalized cooking classes for a healthier you.

Making healthy food easy and fun! 

With Chef Sherell


This long-awaited healthy cookery course will unlock the mysteries of easy cooking from home. You'll learn how to whip up delicious dishes without all of that time or extra fuss! This is all about making healthy food easy and fun! Not only will you learn about healthy cooking, but cook alongside Chef Sherell on site (or over zoom) you can enjoy personalized recipes that will tantalize your palette.

Learn how to cook healthy meals at home with ease. 

• These classes are tailored so you'll feel comfortable cooking these dishes for yourself or others. 

• You'll learn about different alternative options for healthier recipes and meal plans. 

• Reduce the time spent on food prep while adding flavor.


Personalized Healthy Eating in 3 Steps


Class 1: Getting Started; the Basics. Did you know that not all cookware is created equally? Chef Sherell will show you the right cooking products to use, how to set up your kitchen for success, and how to prepare and store delicious foods for optimal health benefits. Grab your notebooks because there will be a treasure trove of information on healthy habits & food safety tips that everyone should know! In this first class you will learn the tools to make your own delicious and nutritious breakfast foods and snacks. The best part about making your own food is that it's always fresh and delicious. Whether you're looking for something sweet, salty or spicy - she’s got the personalized recipe just for you. We all know that healthy eating is the key to a long and happy life, but what if we’re on vacation? The good news: with some creative thinking you can still enjoy your favorite foods while travelling, and Chef Sherell will show you how.


Class 2: Fun Eats! We all have busy days. Wouldn't it be great if we could find ways to enjoy our food without spending hours in the kitchen? In this class, you will learn how simple preparing one week's worth of meals can be: Quick, easy and fun! The idea is to have healthy food available so you can grab and go without having the hassle of prepping all day. You can also supplement with prepared foods from natural markets and your favorite restaurants. This works very well for a single or family lifestyle. During this class, we will prepare and enjoy a delicious lunch-based meal. 


Class 3:  What’s for Dinner? Who doesn't love a good three-course meal? There are so many different things to enjoy with every course. This class is designed for beginners who want to have fun learning how to cook healthy meals without being an expert chef. These personalized recipes are so good that even the most sophisticated of people would be satisfied with them. Chef Sherell will also go over the art of food presentation. When it comes to serving your dish on the plate, you want everything beautiful so people will be dying to take even one bite.


This course is beneficial for anyone who is interested in healthy cooking and people on medical protocols that include nutrition as part of their wellness or recovery plans.


Cost (includes the assessment and three classes) for up to 2 people.

In person: 375.00 (Includes food)

Over Zoom: $300.00


Are you ready to take the next step? Call Chef Sherell at 727-433-1077 or email her at to schedule your assessment! 

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