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Personalized cooking classes for a healthier you. Making healthy food easy and fun!

This long-awaited healthy cookery course will unlock the mysteries of easy cooking from home. You'll learn how to whip up delicious dishes without all of that time or extra fuss! This is all about making healthy food easy and fun! Not only will you learn about healthy cooking, but cook alongside Chef Sherell on site (or over zoom). You (and one other person) can enjoy personalized recipes that will tantalize your palette.

This course is beneficial for anyone who is interested in healthy cooking and people on medical protocols that include nutrition as part of their wellness or recovery plans.

Cost (includes the assessment and three classes) for up to 2 people.

In person: 375.00 (Includes food)

Over Zoom: $300.00

Heavenly Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts bakery is open and taking orders for your holiday and special occasion needs. Weddings, birthdays or parties we have you covered. All products are made with organic ingredients, are GF and vegan.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, Please call Chef Sherell at 727-433-1077 or visit WWW.LIVINGFORWARDPRODUCTIONS.COM Go to healthy desserts tab to see menu

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